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Aiming to be an ever-growing global venture company

We are pleased to announce that the fiscal year ending Jan. 2017, the 13th fiscal year, was a year of “Strong Growth”, thanks to the fruits of strategic investment implemented in the 12th fiscal year (FYE Jan. 2016).

Our main line of business BUYMA, the social shopping site, recorded a historic high in the principal financial indicators such as total trading amount of 33.27 billion yen (136.2 % YoY), a revenue of 4.14 billion yen (145.1% YoY), and operating income of 1.76 billion yen (805.2% YoY), with net income of 1.14 billion yen.

Our business environment this fiscal year was not always favorable with a drastic depreciation of the Yen. If this steep depreciation of the Yen had occurred a few years ago BUYMA’s growth would have slowed down. The reason for such a sustained high growth rate was mainly because the BUYMA brand was firmly built and is unshaken due to the success of its mass campaign investment implemented in the fiscal year ended Jan. 2016 (12th period) and that we significantly enhanced the selection of items, prices, and quality of shopping by strengthening the management system and application functions.

In February 2017, the number of registered memberships exceeded 4 million accounts. This signifies that BUYMA users are of an increasingly wide age group than before in both male and female, contrary to the perception that BUYMA’s users were limited to fashion-conscious people. Regarding the fact that we achieved these results without any particular boost for our business, we see this fiscal year as the best since IPO.

In addition to this, we succeeded in building a new foothold for further growth. The following services are on the right track maintaining a steady growth, although the business size is yet to grow. “Resale Service”, under which one can re-sell items that are no longer needed, “Media Service” , which creates opportunities to discover fashion items, and “Global BUYMA” have all contributed to the expansion. We have seen several ups and downs in the past when setting up a number of new services, but by exploiting these past experiences we are certain that the new services we implemented this fiscal year will grow robustly.

In light of the diversified number of items and increased users, we realigned the membership target from 10 million women to 40 million men and women for the fiscal year ending Jan. 2018, the 14th fiscal year. In order to satisfy customer needs as much as possible, we aim to evolve our services to the next stage by streamlining the infrastructure of BUYMA’s core function and increasing settlement systems. We also intend to inject business resources to enhance the quality of the shopping experience and customer satisfaction.

For the services we successfully introduced last fiscal year, we will endeavor to accelerate the speed of application development and its operation to achieve a meaningful growth from a scale of 0 to 1 to a larger scale of 1 to 10.

These new services will synergistically grow with BUYMA. As the number of memberships increase, the greater the number of selling users for peripheral services will increase. And the more the number of peripheral services users increase, the number of BUYMA’s selling users will increase, creating a virtuous spiral. Also, the larger BUYMA Japan becomes, the greater the number of items and know-how can be provided towards global BUYMA, leveraging its growth.

Placing the rapidly growing BUYMA Japan at the core, and with associated services collaborating closely, we will create synergistic growth; global BUYMA will receive maximum benefit through BUYMA Japan.

All of our measures are now set to become a global venture company with an expanding “BUYMA ecosystem”. We will strive as one and continue to advance.
We hope that all stakeholders continue to support us with a long-term perspective.

March 2017
Shokei SUDA
Representative Director, CEO

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